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39 weeks, 1 day

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I know, I said that last week, too. But this time I really mean it. Allen says if we don't have a baby, you'll see him on the cover of the local paper for murder. I'm sure I'd be an accessory.

We did see my doctor on Monday to schedule the c-section for tomorrow. When he saw me, he said, "I thought you delivered! Who ordered you for induction anyways? It wasn't me." As he reviewed my chart, he mockingly laughs and says, "OH! I did order that! Ha!" Allen and I voiced our frustration and concerns and he clarified a few things but then said we would likely be facing a long labor, again, if we waited for things to kick in on their own. Then, he asked if I wanted my tubes tied while he was "in there". I said no. He gave me a disapproving look. Again, I said no. "Why not?", he asked. Resoundingly, I said, NO! At this point, Allen and I were both about to come off the table and reach out and touch the guy.

I've gained a total of 3 pounds according to the scale. We did not measure in cm, but he did feel the baby from the outside and guesses 8-9 pounds. I'd say that's probably accurate. Although now that there has been such a stink about her size, she'll come out weighing, like, 6 or something and I'll look even more like the fool.

After my stay at the hospital last week, my feet have been oh-so swollen. They were doing pretty well but after being on an IV for 30 hours, they went over the edge. If you press down on them, the indentation stays for about 15-20 seconds. When I ask Allen to rub the "fat parts" to help relieve the pressure he exclaims, "The whole thing is fat! What do you mean?" Sadly, I have to agree.

I'm very excited to meet this little one, but not at all excited about the newborn phase. It's rough. I know, people (even me) have survived it before. But that is exactly what it is: surviving. It's a short time in the grand scheme of things and I work really hard to keep that perspective when it gets really rocky. As soon as we get to meet her, we'll send out the word and make sure to post pictures just as soon as we can. Thanks for all of the support!!

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rl_riddle said...

Geezzzzz... the saga just continues, huh? We send good wishes, prayers and love for speedy 'relief'! Can't wait for the NEWS!

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