36 Weeks, 1 Day

Made another trip up to the ol' midwife today.

The numbers look like this:

Total weight gain: - 1
Baby measuring: 43 cm

Many of you probably know, but the number of centimeters your baby measures corresponds to the number of weeks you are pregnant. They say plus or minus 2 cm is normal. But, when you're only 36 weeks by the calendar and you measure 43 cm, the midwife's eyes get big and she measures again. and again. and again. And then she says you need to get an ultrasound because "it must be extra water or something, but we should check because that is crazy huge." And then they don't have any appointments, but they tell you not to worry because it's probably nothing, but they're going to refer you to the specialist's office because they will probably have an opening in the next day or so and we really should just be sure that everything is all right in there. So I guess size matters after all.

I'll tell you that I really don't think anything is wrong. Baby girl has been measuring about 2 cm bigger than my calendar due date the whole time. I think she was laying in a weird position and it made her seem a lot bigger than she really is. I'm not happy about having to make a special trip, with my two kids in tow, to have them look in there and say, "Yup. She's a big one, but everything is fine."  I am secretly hoping she'll look really, really scary big and they'll say, "Oh my! We better have you deliver because she is measuring really, really, scary big!" Then I'll jump off the table and do the happy dance. That will definitely be worth the inconvenience of driving into town and waiting for the appointment and having two kids with me writhing and wriggling and saying, "Mooooom, can I have a sucker? Mooom, she's touching me! Moooom, what is that?  Mom, why are they doing that? I'm thirsty. What is that, mom? Mooom, is that the baby why is that the baby is there a baby in there are we going home?" and "WAAAAH!" (that's Addie speak for "let me the heck out of here" for those of you who aren't bilingual) while they take a look at my innards.

In other exciting news, we went in to L & D last week because I had 7 hours of consistent contractions. Turns out I had key-tones in my pee which means I was dehydrated which can cause early and false labor. So, I drank 3 gallons (I'm not kidding) of juice and water and three hours later they told me to go home. I did dilate, but only to a 1. But, with Addie my contractions never got closer than 5 minutes apart, even on pitocin. So, who's not to say that I wasn't making progress after having consistent contractions for that long, even if they weren't super close together? As my good friend says, "It's the walk of shame." Indeed, folks, it is.

We're no closer on the name than we were two weeks ago, either. But, we'll keep you posted on the "size matters" issue as we get more information.


twinzmama said...

Wow!! Sure you don't have twins in there? That's about what I measured at the end, I think it was 44in and 37 weeks...just sayin! Good luck though and thanks for keepin us posted!

Poetry of Life said...

Go mama go! You look great! Can't wait to meet her (and find out her name!)

Amy Buff said...

UM I'm out of it. Ha, I didn't know you were prego again. SNAP Woman! I miss and love you guys :) I think about you randomly, and laugh at the time you told me I think like a man. Now being married and living with a man, I wonder if it's still true...

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