Time's Up!

They did an ultrasound yesterday to try and guesstimate the size of our little turkey. I'm at 37 weeks and she is measuring 8 lbs. 1 oz. Of course, the margin of error is + or - 1 pound. So, the baby could really be closer to 7 lbs. or 9 lbs.

During the last month, the baby gains close to 1 pound a week. If the baby does weigh 7 lbs., she will likely be 10 lbs. at full term. If she is 8 lbs., 11 lbs. at full term and if she is already 9 lbs., she will be close to 12 lbs. at full term.

I had the ultrasound done at another office so I didn't' see my midwife or doctor on the same day. My appointment with them is Thursday. I'm really, really, really hoping that since I'm at 37 weeks and the baby is clearly big enough to be ok in the real world, that they'll have pity on my poor, uncomfortable soul and take some measures to speed up the process.

So, we're crossing our fingers and uncrossing our legs in the hope of meeting this little urchin sooner rather than later.


Silcox Stories said...

Wow, that is big! Lauren was born 7lbs. 6oz at 37 weeks. We had a slight problem with jaundice and ended up back in the hospital for a few days, but that was totally manageable (especially compared to your post delivery experience). Cry, cry a lot at your appt and drink raspberry leaf tea, I promise it will work!

rl_riddle said...

We can hardly wait for the 'good' word! We're hoping for you!! :)

twinzmama said...

Pop that puppy out...I think she's done baking! What a great oven you have (ha,ha)!! Maybe you could be like me and just tell the doctor that it's time for the baby(ies) to ccome out and it needs to happen now!!

Poetry of Life said...

I hope they let you go early too!

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