Al Gore Would Be So Proud...

When we first moved in, our entire property had two trees. TWO. And they were the homiliest, ugliest, grossest, most useless junipers you ever did see. All they were good for was harboring bees nests so we would have to sprint by them as we tried to make it to the cars every time we wanted to go out. Thus, we tore those horrible trees out. And then there were none. Not a one. (ok, Allen just corrected me. We did plant that Red Bud last Spring. So, we had one tree.)

Until yesterday. We planted nine - count 'em nine, trees. New Mexico has approximately two nurseries - including Home Depot. And we couldn't find a straight, healthy fruit tree to save our lives. So, we ordered ours online. Now, they aren't the biggest trees you'll ever see, but they are correct. In a couple of years, we should be enjoying some fruit and in a few more, shade!

Addie was none too pleased that Dad and Lexi were outside working while she was stuck inside the house. The weather has been pretty cold so I figured we should hang out inside.

That plan worked for about two minutes.

I have to say, Allen had a raging upper respiratory infection when these trees arrived. But, they can't sit around for more than a couple of days and they can't be planted within a couple of hours of freezing temperatures (the low overnight: 19) so we had to do it in the middle of the day while he was sick. Because Allen was feeling so bad, Lexi and I had gone out earlier in the week and dug the holes for the trees to try and make Allen's part a little bit easier.

Two pears.

We put straw around the trees to help insulate them since the nights have been so cold lately.

Two peaches, two apples and a plum.

Glorious  twigs trees!


Poetry of Life said...

I think you alone have overcome global warming. They will be so pretty in the spring and fall. I hope Allen didn't catch something while he was here...

marti said...

I love the picture of addi by the window. Great capture. And her in her snow clothes is to die for. She's so stinkin cute! Can't believe she's a year old already!

Silcox Stories said...

Yay for trees and fruit trees are the best! Nice work on digging the holes for Allen. And the fence looks great too!

Brandi said...

So glad to see you are magnifying your space! of coarse ...bun in the oven, birthdays,sick husbands,company,getting ready for christmas,Santa...wow you should be flat on your back by New Years!! oh yeah I know the ropes...remember..hang in there, you are FAB
Merry Christmas
love u

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