Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we talked about the birth of Jesus and asked Lexi to tell us the story. This is her take: "Jesus was bored; he was a baby. It's his birthday. He's gonna grow up bigger, bigger bigger! And we know he came because there was a star and the three wise mens came and gave him presents. His mom is Mary and his dad is Jopepsh." After that, Lexi set out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa and promptly went to bed so that he would be able to make his stop at our house.

The kids slept in until 7:30 which was much appreciated by us parents who had a late night. As she walked down the hall this morning, Lexi asked us if Santa had come. When she turned the corner and saw the stockings, she ran over to check to see if the milk and cookies were gone. And they were! After going through the stockings, Lexi handed out the presents. She could actually read the tags and put the presents in the right piles. Addie loved opening her gifts and actually played with the toys she got, rather than the boxes and bows. Lexi opened two presents and then declared, "I'm opening one more and then I'm done." She proceeded to do just that and then started playing with a toy we have owned for years that she's ignored for most of that time. Figures. Lexi ate nothing but pez and ring pops until lunch time.


After we got some real food in Lexi, she decided to give her new toys a go. She got a digital camera and by the end of the day had taken 250 pictures.

And since one can always tell how Christmas has been by the aftermath:

we're counting this one as a success.

We wrapped up our day with dinner at a friend's place. We enjoyed a great Christmas this year. We loved seeing Lexi embrace the story of our Savior and look forward to watching our other kids develop the same enthusiasm for the traditions associated with this special time of year. We wish you a peaceful and joyful Holiday season, too.

Merry Christmas!

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rl_riddle said...

What a fun Christmas morning! Looks like you all made out really well! The girls are so cute; Christmas is always a joy with little ones!

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