Addie is 5!!!

Addison May Riddle
8 lbs. 12 oz.
December 12, 2008. 
Here we are a short 5 years later:

The customary treats at preschool 
Addie chose to have her party at Chuck E. Cheese this year.

A BIG present from Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Tweet.
This was the only thing she asked for - for her birthday and Christmas. I kept asking her if she was really sure about this whole thing and she never wavered. Thank goodness she's got grandparents who are willing to spoil her! 
About to enter the "ticket tornado".
Happy Birthday, Addie!

Addie loves chocolate, shoes, jewelry and sports. She watches baseball, basketball and football on a regular basis. If she's in the backyard, she's kicking around the soccer ball or hitting the baseball. She loves school.

Addison is a complex person. She is sassy, and can come across as moody and sullen. But Addie is a well of feelings. When there is stress in our household, Addison carries the burden. She likes to be included; leaving Addie out crushes her spirit. She seeks approval from her peers and elders. Addison HATES change. If Addison is reprimanded for being unkind, she is usually apologetic and has sincere remorse. Sometimes, she's a little vindictive, though, and has to be reminded how to deal with strong negative feelings. She is driven. She figures out how to do most things on her own and she doesn't want help. She loves babies. She adores Sofia. She is my biggest helper.

We love every part of Addison - the stubbornness that drives her to the soft heard she hides beneath a quick wit.

Happy Birthday to our feisty girl!

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LaNell Riddle said...

Love this adorable, sweet, strong - willed girl! She tweaks her Grandma's heart!

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