Halloween Festivities

Addison asked a few months ago to be a baby giraffe for Halloween. The then declared that I would be the mommy giraffe. I kept trying to manipulate gently steer her in a different direction, but she was committed the idea. So, here we are. Sofia wore a little dog thing because it was warm. She also donned a cheerleader costume and butterfly costume at different times. Emmy was a witch - she was happy about it - even though that isn't evident in this picture.

We made a trip to the local pumpkin patch/carnival-like place/mining area/everything you could ever try to put in one place to make a little money place. 

I did consider leaving them there.
Here's Alexis "riding a horse". I shudder at this, but the kids think it's the greatest thing to do. Lexi is showing me her correct equitation by keeping her chin up.
Emily could give a crap about being correct. She just wants to pet the horse.
Addie bravely held back her natural reaction of compete and total hysteria.
After she overcame her desire to have a freak out, she feigned happiness for the duration of the ride.
Grandma came with us for the trip. 

I don't think you need my voice in your head to figure out what is happening here. And no, it's not poop.

The sister missionaries came over to help us carve up our fruit.

The far left is spider. 

Emmy's speech class had a big party. We made goody bags for everyone.
And Lexi asked for roast pumpkin seeds. They really are so good.
As you can see, Lexi was completely committed to playing the role of a cat. Meow.
Addie wore this outfit for, like, 4 hours straight on Halloween. She went to Emmy's party and helped and then went to her preschool party and played. She was so patient about the whole thing. She finally looked at me and said, "Mom? Can I please take this head off? It's really hurting me."
Emmy with Mrs. Mom. 
At Addie's preschool party.
Back at the pumpkin patch.

These two took over handing out candy duties.

We had a good year this year. The giraffe duo was actually a lot of fun. The other kids remembered the events from last year and were really looking forward to doing it again. 

Here's to another year of celebrating this pagan holiday with panache!

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