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Lexi turned 7.
On Lexi's birthday, Addie fell down while walking around in our yard. Yes. Walking around. It bled something awful, but only took a little glue in the ER to fix it all up. 
While she was gone, Lexi and Emmy made her a "sick bed" complete with all of Addie's favorite stuffed animals and a "get well soon" note. 
Her poor little face swelled up something awful. 

The Tiny Wonder becomes more human-ish each day. Here she is contemplating the mysteries of life. 
Aunt Marti came back again to help me maintain my sanity. We ran a few errands and found the perfect parking spot for ourselves. 
Back in pre-pregnancy pants at 6 weeks out. I'm 11 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight, though. I figure I've got to report the good and the bad; not every day is a victory, but overall, I'm heading in the right direction.
There is much crying in our house still, though. The baby is cranky most nights. 
But, we did get some smiles of the intentional kind this week. 

Spring Break. We started off by eating pop tarts in front of the tv. This is a big change from our norm of eating at the table as a family every morning so the kids think this is living on the edge.
Twice a year, we hear from the leaders of the church. It's on TV if you have the BYU channel. We stay home in PJ's, eat lots of special goodies and play games. Lexi was working on her "conference bingo" using jelly beans as markers. 
The little girls don't quite appreciate listening to old men in suits just yet so they play while conference is on for the rest of us. 
We celebrated my birthday early since Marti was here and I'll be out of town on the actual day. The family got themselves me a fancy roasting pan.

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The Giuliacci Family said...

You got a new rack for your birthday? Sweet!

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