Easter 2013

I think we've become that family. The one that predictably follows...TRADITION...year after year! (You know you said that a la Fiddler On the Roof. If you didn't, you may do so now and redeem yourself.)

Anyhooters, Easter came yet again. We did what we always do: dyed eggs and had an egg hunt. This year, Nana was with us. In case you all didn't know, she stayed for 3 weeks to help after the baby came. What a game changer that was for our family.  I mean, really, it was organized chaos rather than the usual messy, crying, sobbing, eating cereal for weeks on end mess that is a home with a newborn. But I digress.

Where were we? Oh, yes, Easter. 

Here are the pictures of our Easter 

- wait for it -

(all together now)


The little shrinky-dink things did not shrink nor dink when we followed the directions. Our ever faithful engineer busted out the hair blower and had great success.
We all had to take our turn.
Our glorious masterpieces. Which proceeded to sit in the fridge for 10 days upon when we threw them away. All of them. Untouched. Uneaten. Thrown away. 
Grandma's sister, Aunt Myra Lee, has been in town. She's the official baby wrangler for me when we go to visit. She does a superb job of it. 

Uncle Brent also tamed the beast during the party.
These two are nearly inseparable when we get together.
The fam busted out the net and rackets for a rousing game of badminton. (Dudes, it's not badmiTTon. It's badmiNton.) 
This game was taken very seriously. 
VERY seriously.
A leeetle behind the play. But, good effort.
 The mocking of a parental unit never ceases, does it? 

As usual, the Easter TRADITIONS! we have established were well anticipated and always thoroughly enjoyed. 

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