I Want To Remember This

Addison, 4, who had learned Jingle Bells for her preschool program, was singing the song proudly at the dinner table.

Alexis, 6, who has spent the last 3 weeks learning Jingle Bells on the piano, perked up and offered to play while Addie sang.

After dinner, we all gathered around the piano, flanked by our lit Christmas tree, while Alexis played and sang. Addie chimed in, her timing completely off, BUT to see my eldest daughter play a song while her little sister sang along was one of those moments when a mom's heart is filled with the sure knowledge that the work is well worth the effort.

I know twenty years from now, that memory could be lost. This was a first for our young family: to be sitting around the piano, sisters working together, family united, the fruits of their efforts bringing us together during this special time of year. Their little voices filled the room while Lexi played along.

I definitely want to remember this.

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