Addison's birthday. This was the first year she was really aware that something significant was taking place. And it was all. about. her!

She'd made a few requests about the party (Minnie Mouse) she wanted and some of her wishes for toys (more Minnie Mouse). 

The day before her birthday was a preschool day so we took Minnie Mouse cupcakes for everyone. 

On her actual birthday, she got to pick out her favorite lunch (McDonald's cheeseburger) and eat while watching a movie with Mom. 

That night was a school night, and also Lexi's Christmas performance at school so we kept it low key. We went out to dinner with the grandparents and opened a few presents when we got home. 

Oh the torture! She had to look at her presents all day just waiting for the right time to open them.

There was unabashed squealing at this point.  She said to us, "It's what I've always dreamed of!"

We had her formal party with her cousins and the grandparents that weekend. Of course, the theme was Minnie Mouse. 

Red, white and black everything!

The kids got to make their own totes for the favor.

She blew out the candle too soon. 
Thankfully, the problem was easily solved and she got to blow out the candle (again) at the end of the birthday song.

 Addison says she had a great birthday and felt really special this year.

Happy Birthday, Addie!

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