Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

The Riddle Family "picked" our fair share of pumpkins this year, that's for sure. Not only did we grow our own, but we also went to three different pumpkin patches.

We went with some friends for a hay ride over to visit the local pumpkin farm with lots of fun things to do like a corn maze, a pumpkin blaster, petting zoo, haunted house and lots more.

We brought Allen's famous home made root beer to go with the dinner and treats that were served before we head out to the pumpkin patch.
Emmy loves going to the barn and everything associated with ranch life.

Pumpkin blaster!
After two years and a bazillion visits, Addie finally pet the goats.
Tricycle races. Lexi got the broken one, but still thought it was awesome.

At the end of the night, all of the kids got to pick a pumpkin.
Addie passed out on the trailer after all the excitement.
The next trip we made was to a pumpkin patch where my Dad and Grandpa live. Grandpa has been friends with the farmer for years (and I mean, like, 40 years kind of years) so we got to have a special visit as friends.

This guy actually grows all of the pumpkins you can pick. After growing our own, I can personally tell you he must be the best farmer ever because growing those pumpkins is not easy.
"Too heavy!"
Don't let his face fool you. He's having a good time.

Just right.
Hang on, Addie!
The wheelbarrow ride with Grandpa Bob was their favorite part.
Dudes. He's 98. And pushing a wheelbarrow.

Lastly, we went with Addie's preschool class to a pumpkin patch in Livermore. Both Allen and Grandpa Bob work just down the road, so they took some time off to come and share in the fun.

Queens of the world!

We had a busy but great time getting ready for Halloween. The kids never seemed to tire of the opportunity to pick pumpkins, feed goats, and take silly pictures. Now, the fun of carving all 27 pumpkins. Yay!

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