Sharing Time

I've been called as Primary Secretary. I've never served in the Primary before. I've never even been a substitute for a class in Primary before. I'm a Primary virgin novice.

Primary is divided up into the Jr. Primary and Sr. Primary. While one group is in their Sunday school classes, the other participates in Sharing Time. As the secretary, I now have the blessing to teach Sharing Time on a monthly basis.

Of course, the church puts out an annual manual that follows the annual theme and suggests lessons for each month for Sharing Time. Additionally, a lot of creative types post their adaptations of the suggestions so that those of us who are creatively challenged can actually teach a lesson the kids might enjoy.

Tomorrow is my first ever Sharing Time. I've been told the kids (ages 3-11) are pretty easy to please so I'm feeling confident about my lesson. But, I want these young ones to remember me; I want to make a big impression so they'll look forward to me talking at them next time.

I found this website who's author is a creative person and I stole her super cute idea that is sure to wow the masses tomorrow. I had to improvise because I didn't think of this until all of the candy corn was sold out of every store in the whole world so I used Mike-n-Ikes. Looks all right if you ask me, though. As a side note, I can't stand gingersnaps and after doing this I realized vanilla wafers (aka "manna from heaven") would also work and taste loads better. I will say if you're not a detailed oriented person (I'm not) this little project can be time consuming and by the end you'll hate cookies and candies of all kinds. Thank goodness Allen offered to help and we stumbled through the process together. Never the less, I think the kids will enjoy the treat. So, yay for me.

Little turkeys made out of cookies and candies. What's not to love?


Anonymous said...

Ok that chick has WAY too much time on her hands! lol
I think your little gobblers look great. Good for you to have the motivation to get through putting those together; and Allen is so great to help you. :-)

Chief said...

Good luck with your calling! That's a great one, i personally think

Anonymous said...

Ok....SUGAR QUEEN - are you happy knowing that you are sending those kids out all hyped up due to your insecurities? Where is the heck did you learn to bribe?

Great job Traci! Good idea to search for ideas on the web. I am sure the kids will come to know and love Sister Riddle.

Silcox Stories said...

Primary huh? My only time out of YW was brief 2 yr. stint as a counselor in Primary. I have to say I was scared to death at first, I ended up loving it in there. Now I'm back in YW, go figure, but I do miss Primary. I'm sure the lesson went great. Any time to catch up this week?

twinzmama said...

Whoo Hoo for you!! I hope your first sharing time went well, I had to do many of those in my time in the lovely primary! Have fun with the kids and tell everybody hi for me!

Williams Family Paradise said...

Who knew Traci Riddle was a craft/culinary- QUEEN...LOVE IT!! you continue to amaze me, I told you you would make a great MORMON and now a MORMON MOMMY and PRIMARY SHARING TIME!! General Presidency here you come...hey you know CEO to MARTHA STEWART OF MORMON MOMMY IS THE MAKING OF AN EXCELLENT BOOK! I'd buy it!! keep it up "T" you are the bomb!! love you

rl_riddle said...

Congratulations, Traci! The cookies are adorable, too. Way to go! I have "extra" candy corn candy I would have been happy to give you. :) I hope you enjoy primary; I am again after many years. I teach the 6 year olds (going on 7).

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