How Do You Get to Sesame Street?

Lexi and I went to our first ever stage show two weekends ago. The cast of Sesame Street came to Albuquerque and we weren't about to miss it. Now in New Mexico, we don't have fancy theaters or an art district that attracts the famous Broadway shows you're probably familiar with. No, we have casinos. And lots of them. Many of them are actually quite nice and boast pretty upscale facilities. So, we brought some loose change for the after party slot run (that was a joke, people) and went to track down Big Bird.

I hadn't ever been to this casino before, or even in the general area of it's location, but I was armed and prepared with a map. This map was courtesy of the casino website. Surely, we would not be led astray. Now, let me interject that this was not going to be any normal casino run for Lexi and I. No, the day before our big event, the "Mamma Mobile" died. I was driving, going about 50 mph, down the local road when it stalled out. The brakes went, power steering kaput; you name it, it died. We decided that we wouldn't risk another stall out with a shortling in tow. Not to worry; we have the trusty Saturn that would be a great substitute. As Lexi and I are packing up our bags, Allen goes out to start the heater and defroster since we're down in the teens overnight and everything is frozen in the mornings. He comes back in to let me know that the Saturn no longer has a heater or defroster. Well, we sure as heck aren't driving over an hour in freezing temps and with an icy windshield in the craptastic commuter car. So, we say a very heartfelt prayer and load up in the unpredictable Excursion.

So, I've got the map and Lexi's rearing to go. We make it in great time, no stalls and with just enough time for a potty break before show time. I drive around this casino a bit trying to find the "new star center" that is supposed to be super nice and nothing is standing out to me. Finally, I decide we'll brave the smoke filled money pit and find out just where this so-called arena is actually located. Lexi and I make a mad dash for the help desk. We are immediately informed that the show isn't really at the casino: It's in a completely different town 20 minutes away!

I grabbed Lexi and we ran back to the car. Her only comment, "Mom! What happened to Big Bird?!?" I said, "Don't you worry! We're going to find Big Bird and we're going to be on time!" Now, it's about 12 minutes to show time and I have 20 miles to cover. Plus, I've never been in the area. Ever. As I squeal around the corner of the exit of the parking garage, I see another family, 3 year old in tow, sprinting towards the elevators. At least I wasn't the only one.

There was a caravan of SUVs and minivans on the road to the real location of our event. The speed limit was clearly posted at 45 mph. But let me tell you, there is nothing like an expectant toddler to make a woman break the law. We made it in under 10 minutes. We hustled to the doors, hit the pottties, and made it just in time for the opening number.

Big Bird and cast. We had floor tickets and the characters would come down and shake hands with the kids.

Elmo and Mr. Noodle

Lexi and her must have toys of the day.

 Lexi had a super time. She sang and danced and laughed the whole show through.
We had a great mommy-daughter day.


twinzmama said...

I love it, so glad you made it in time! I wonder how my kids would do? They love to dance and sing! I'm glad you got to have some bonding time with just the two of you.

ahners said...

Yes! That place is very hard to find! Glad you had fun though!

rl_riddle said...

Wow, Traci, you did it! Way to go! Soundsl like such a FUN mommy-daughter day! Lexi sure looks like she had fun! (Glad this wasn't the event when the car dies!)

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