Emmy has speech two days a week. Each session is 1/2 an hour long. This is an extremely inconvenient amount of time. Class is too long to just sit around; class is too short to allow for anything productive to actually take place.

The school is across the street from a marvelous park and walking path. I've decided the best use of my 25 minutes is to power walk.

I put Sofia in the car seat and snap it into the stroller so she can see me the whole time. Then, I put my ear buds in and turn up my favorite beats - loud.

What I think I look like:

And sometimes, I accidentally dance a little bit because I forget that I'm in public, and no one else can hear my music.

What I really look like:


Jesslyn said...

I am DYING over this one. So, so funny. You get your prancercise on!!

marti said...


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