Every Member a Missionary

Me {via FB to a long time friend of mine who does not belong to the LDS church}: Hey, We are going to the beach next Saturday. It's in Capitola (never been). It's with church so there will be gobs of kids there. It would be a long drive, but I want to extend the invite. We'll be bringing the canopy, food, games, etc. You'd just need to show up. I was thinking you guys could come here and we can go together - or if you'd rather not ride in a car with all of the loud kids, just caravan -. No pressure, but I keep thinking I should invite you so I am!

My friend: Oh that sounds like fun! Next Saturday as in the 10th? {insert smiley face}

Me: Yeah. New Brighton beach.

My friend: Don't think I've ever been there

A few minutes later...

My friend {tentatively - it's palpable, even in writing}: So tell me more about what is planned for that day? Just people hanging out or a church function?

Me {chuckling inside}: Just hanging out. I think there is going to be a sand castle contest, beach volleyball, and something else if people want to do it. Snacks provided.
But, the ocean is right there so we will be baptizing anyone we can capture and get into the water.

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