Happy, Happy Birthday!

Can you believe this was 5 years ago?
And this was 4?
For us, it seems like just yesterday.
So quickly you have gone from our NICU miracle to a loving, sweet, dynamic (almost) kindergartner.
We've always known you are a special spirit. But, to see you grow and blossom into who you have become fills us with a love that isn't easy to articulate.

Your first response is always kindness.
You never miss an opportunity to dance.
Especially in the rain.
You never withhold affection.
You are a thinker. You ponder the welfare of others. You are creative and definitely inherited some engineering genes.
You are a vibrant young lady with a heart of gold.

You are loved and cherished. You are an empathetic soul that seeks to bring comfort to others. You are smart and driven.You are helpful and at the ready to lend a hand when someone is in need. You are sensitive and worry about the world and your loved ones. You are innocent and trusting. You are a cuddler of the best kind. You have all the potential in the world.
While the days may, at times, seem long the years go by like sand through our hands. We've blinked and you're on your way to school. To start your own journey. You will knock their socks off. Blow them away. You will change lives. While there may be a few potholes or detours along the way, there will be many scenic views and vistas.

We look forward to the ups, blessings, and success that you'll know. We will be here to help dust you off after the downs, help you put on the armor for the trials, and help you see the opportunity hidden in the failures that will be written in your book of life. We love you so very much and all that you mean to our family.

 Happy Birthday, Lexi!


Silcox Stories said...

Dearest Lexi, I only hope you know how much we love you and what a sincere blessing you are to our family. What a sincere privilege to watch you on your journey! Happy Birthday Lexi!

LWR said...

What a beautiful tribute to the adorable granddaughter we so love and admire. It brought tears to my eyes to remember being with her (you all) during her first few weeks of life. How happy we are Lexi is in our family! :) xoxox HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!

marti said...

lexi, i feel so blessed to have been there the day you were born. i remember going to the NICU late in the evenings after work and having you wrap your tiny hand around my finger. i remember feeding you for the first time one nite in the NICU, just you and me. you were so delicate and small. we had lots of conversations and quiet time, the two of us. i remember doing laps around the kitchen island to try to help soothe all your little aches and pains and having your warm little body nestled so close. i miss that everyday. i wish i could see you and talk with you each day, just like we used to. i'm so proud to be your aunt Mart-eye. you have changed my life completely. i'm so glad i was able to be part of your fifth birthday, to see your face light up when Chuck E Cheese brought you your cake, and the happiness in your eyes at being 5. i hope you are happy everyday. i love you lex! you are my silly goose forever.

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