California Love

We went to California for our niece's baptism at the beginning of September. We had a great time! The kids loved being around their cousins and friends. We really enjoyed seeing our family and friends, too.

We got in Thursday and took it easy on Friday. Saturday, we went to Sac-town to visit Allen's brother, Craig, and his family. We started at Fairytale Town and then went to their new house for lunch. This was a super cute place for the kids. They had a blast.

The Old Lady's shoe. I'm not sure that adults are supposed to come down the slide, but does Allen really count as a adult anyways?
All of the kiddos (except Emily) in the cheese.

We had someone to see or something to do every single day we were there. Sometimes I remembered the camera, others I didn't. We had a professional photographer at the baptism and I totally forgot my camera. Monday we hung out with family and went swimming. It was way hot so we loved hanging out by the pool.

Aubree. How cute is that?
Allen and the girls
Uncle Brent and Ben
Gma and Lexi
Dani in the baby floaty.
Tuesday we met some friends and had dinner while the kids acted like schizophrenics. Wednesday, we went to Pixieland with my dad and grandpa. I forgot the camera and was really upset, but Allen took these pictures on his cell phone. Thank goodness he thought of it! I went there as a kid and have really fond memories. It was really neat to see my kids with their grandpa and great-grandpa. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful.

Addie and Lexi on the Red Baron ride.
Lexi, Grandpa Bob, and Addie
Grandpa Tweet (my grandpa, 96) and Lexi
Me and Lexi on the roller coaster
Lexi and Grandpa Bob driving
Emily, Addie, Me, Lexi, Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Tweet
We saw some more friends Thursday and I had lunch with my best friend on Friday. We've been friends since 6th grade and haven't had girl's time in forever! Of course, I didn't have my camera on either of those days. Here are some random shots of us hanging out during the week:

Hannah and Emily. Let me just say, this girl has a way with babies. She had Emily laughing and giggling the whole time we were there.
Grandma Riddle and Addie. These girls just loved waking up to Grandma every morning. It's such a treat for them (and us!). Grandma made sure we were very well taken care of.
Addie coloring at Grandma's house.
We visited some more with family on Friday and had to leave Saturday. I didn't expect to have a great time traveling with the kids. But, they did so well. No one woke up in the night and they all fit in with everyone pretty dang well considering. When we had to leave, Lexi cried and cried and cried. As we were taking off, she looked out the window of the plane and in the saddest voice ever said, "By Grandma, bye Grandpa. I'll miss you and California." Leaving was tough this time around because our kids really enjoyed being around our family and friends. I'm glad to say we had such a good time and I won't dread going places with the kiddos next time. Thanks to everyone who lent us their goods so we would be comfortable! We sure do miss you!


rl_riddle said...

I suppose I should ask WHO's the BIG CHEESE at Fairy Town??? He's always the biggest kid, right? We had the VERY BEST time while you all were here and G'ma sure misses you all! xoxoxo

Poetry of Life said...

We loved every minute! I miss them so much already. It's hard to be a good aunty from so far away. We can't wait to see all of you again!

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