Room For Two, Please

Remember how I said Addie cried before every nap and before bedtime every. single. night? Well, she stopped. Like, a week after I complained, she suddenly turned into a normal kid and went to bed without issue. She would even gather her babies and blanket and run in to her room for songs and nigh nigh. It was pure heaven, I tell you.

It was short lived heaven. Because we put the girls in the same room. We had been warned it would be awful. Sleep would be elusive. Crying would be likely. But, we girded up our parental loins and prepared for the worst.

Addie did cry. Hard. She was totally scared in Lexi's room. We had prepped them, too. We put the crib in there and started calling the space "your room" rather than Lexi's room. The first day, I took Lexi to town during nap time so Addie could settle in without Lexi creating drama. She did ok. But she cried. And night time. Fahgetta 'bout it. She wailed. So, Lexi stepped in as the loving big sister and sang her a song. And gave her some books. They both slept until 7:45 the next morning.

Two days later, Addie and Lexi are laughing at night time. Addie now runs down the hall to "their room" for songs and prayers. We even had a middle of the night accident that involved the changing of sheets, scrubbing carpet, and crying by a certain 4 year old and Addie didn't even stir.

Here's what the new digs look like:


marti said...

that looks like it's straight out of pottery barn kids! beautiful. and congrats on the transition. well done.

Silcox Stories said...

I love their room! Where did you get Lexi's bed? Was from a chain type store or local? Tyler is almost 2 and I have never had a kid in the crib past 2. I am happy to keep him there as long as will, but eventually all the kids are going to need a makeover. Everything is hand-me-down this that and the other and it shows!

rl_riddle said...

The room is adorable. Nice job! Love the butterflies and new crib! Glad both of the girls adjusting.

Rafahi Family said...

What a cute room! I am glad to hear that Lexi is such a sharing and sympathetic big sister. Hopefully they stay that way through the teenage years, right?

Poetry of Life said...

Yay! It's always hard to change. Hannah still has trouble with change and she is 5. There room looks great! I'm so glad that they are having fun together.

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