Under the Sea

Grandma Riddle came for a visit and we headed up to the Aquarium. We'd never been before. I have to confess, it was my attitude about the whole thing that prevented us from making the 20 minute trip in the 5 years we've lived here. I mean, the aquarium showcases local fish. And I couldn't get excited about packing up the whole fam damily to look at crawfish and trout. Plus, when the standard to which you compare all underwater showcases is Monterey Bay Aquarium, the chances of feeling satisfied are pretty slim. 

But, I'm glad to report, my doubts were unfounded. Even though it's small, it's clean, well kept and has a good variety of underwater creatures to admire. The kids can get up close and personal with most of the fish and can even pet a sting ray or shark. And, the botanical gardens are at the same location. That may sound totally lame, but they have the coolest kids area. Of course, I didn't take any pictures, but it's set up like a fairy tale castle complete with over sized bees and bugs, lollipop gardens, a pumpkin with seeds and squishy floor you can walk in and lots of cool mazes to play inside of if you want. It's like Alice in Wonderland. We're definitely going back when the flowers are blooming.

One of the coolest features is the restaurant at the aquarium. Every table borders a fish tank. There is one huge one that takes up an entire wall of the restaurant and several smaller ones along the other walls so that every person can see a fish during lunch. 

We got to see this turtle swim by during our lunch along with lots of sharks, sting rays and other cool fish.
We had a great time!


Poetry of Life said...

Looks fun! Can't wait to go there.

rl_riddle said...

That was so much fun! Great pictures! I can't wait to go back again, too.

Queen "B" said...

Wow who knew ANM had a kool Aquarium?
I'm with you it wouldn't of been on my top ten either, bvbut it is fun to be surprised isn't it!! and I am sure Lanell had a great time,she looks great by the way!
Love you, how are you feeling? I will call this week

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